Authentically Me

You are the center of my attention from the moment our eyes meet and we embrace. With my time comes the warmth of an old friend, and the excitement of getting to know someone new.

Those wishing for a reprieve from the rush of every day life will find themselves relaxed in my presence. When we are together, time slows and each moment is savored in its entirety. If you're visiting me in Las Vegas, my art filled private incall will provide you with all the comforts you'd expect in this incredible city.

I believe that a conversation of shared passions, smiles that grow until our cheeks hurt, laughter and storytelling are just as intimate and as important as physical exploits. Discovering your quirks, getting to know you with zero judgement allow me to dive into our connective waters, fostering trust and leading to deeper and more meaningful dates together. 

Couple's Companion

Inviting another woman into your bedroom dynamic is an alluring and often elusive endeavor. Couples seeking to bypass the dating site woes, bar scenes, and the unease of swingers clubs have the perfect option available to them. The professional services of a truly bisexual woman, interested in your pleasure and enjoyment. 

Communication and honesty are key in our appointment. My role is to bring to life fantasies and desires - Seeing your partner with another woman, we can play on many scenarios or fantasies, where you or your partner is the center our of attention. 

Careful consideration is taken to ensure that each partner feels safe and their wishes respected. ​Together we fulfill often unspoken carnal desires and the needs for tenderness and affection, and learn how to ask of these things from our lovers. 
"Threeways can be huge growth experiences that encourage us to drop our insecurities and discover how wholly loveable we really are."
Victoria Vantoch

New Beginnings

Making changes in your life takes a special kind of courage. Deciding that you want for yourself the intimacy and adventure that make up the human experience is an act of radical self love. Whether you're a virgin, have had limited physical exploits, or find navigating dating difficult, your appointment is centered around your goals.

Let my calming energy relieve you of any anxiety you might fear when meeting in person. Our time together is never forced, nor rushed, and we move forward together at the pace you feel comfortable at. Our dates can be whatever we wish - an afternoon in an arcade, a cooking class, or cuddling up to watch a movie. 

Together we can work on life skills to better increase your confidence. Tips on reading body language, flirtation do's and dont's, how to market yourself effectively on dating websites and apps. 

On the physical side, we focus on how to turn your partner on, finding erogenous zones, how to ask and provide feedback from our partners. 


I am highly invested in giving my guests the ultimate experience, whatever their goals are in our time together. I do not have set description of services to order from or a "menu" to pick and choose from. I have invested a great deal into being your ideal date, and your happiness is paramount. Our time together is a unique journey into life's most hedonistic pleasures. Trust that I guide you there without fail. 

I prefer to understand your fantasies and quirks best in person - I do not discuss explicit appointment details except through approved channels (See "Spoil (You & I)" for details) Graphic emails will not be entertained.

My rates are for my time, compassion and companionship only.