2018 Travel Highlights

2018 felt like it passed in record time. The months fade together, pebbled with seemingly non-stop travel.

It seems I don’t allow myself too much time at home before I’m ordering an early morning Uber back to McCaren International.

Travel for music, travel for family, travel for lovers, travel for the love of collecting memories from far flung places. Here is just a small snippet of my adventures in 2018.

England & Scotland

My first trip to my Mother’s homeland as an adult, England was a long awaited trip across the pond.

We were blessed with incredible weather in early June - We encountered rain for all of thirty minutes of our two week trip.

Visiting victorian mansions, walking along cobbled roads, afternoon tea, champagne in the garden, enjoying the leisure of train travel as we made our way around north west England. I look forward to seeing the natural beauty of the places I visit and the greenery and lush rolling hills of England was such a welcome break from the desert landscape.

I was very fond of Edinburgh, with its impressive castles, churches and royal estates. We had a private guided tour of the Hollyrood Palace gardens.


Truthfully, I had never heard of the Azores islands until a friend of mine mentioned wanting to go.

It takes only a few hours to drive the length of Sao Miguel, the sea, city, quickly turn to farm land - and lots of cows. Epic coastlines and and biodiversity.

Based in the Atlantic sea, between the coasts of Europe and Africa, the weather changes are sudden and often dramatic. Rain pelts our tiny smart car, as we turn a corner we’re bathed in sunlight.

We visited an absolutely gorgeous volcanic hot spring. I love bathing, and its always a point of mine to visit hot springs, saunas, or spas on my travels. The sulfur rich water was very soothing, a gentle rain showers off and on a refreshing welcome.

New York City

When I booked my first trip to New York in March, I had no idea that by end of November I would be making my fifth trip!

New York amazes me, each trip I find new things to enjoy about the city. I can only see myself as an occasional visitor, I don’t think I could call the east coast home.

Dining at two of New York’s standout establishments, Le Bernadin for lunch and Per Se for dinner.

Truly an unforgettable, extremely lavish date. My dining partner was a joy to share these meals with, our side by side conversations surrounding the decor, the plating presentation and the complex flavors of the dishes. I think one of the most attractive traits is when someone is very passionate about something - be it Star Trek, rock climbing, or impeccably prepared food.

I’ve been lucky to visit New York during each season. Fall is my favorite, by far. Seeing the changing foliage and everyone’s cold weather clothing, gives me such a nostalgic and cozy feeling.

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