My Charlotte conquers with a smile, and reigns queen of love.

Charlotte Halle 
28 year old, blue-eyed Pisces.
Wit, charm, and an old soul.
5'2, Busty & Petite

I'm a vivacious woman living my most authentic life.

 I connect effortlessly with those around me. My history in the luxe day spa industry introduced me to how rewarding pampering and relaxing people could be.

 As a world traveler my sense of adventure is driven by the desire to experience everything life has to offer. Live music, architecture, museum visits, fine dining, getting lost in people and their unique perspectives. 


My passions include dancing until dawn, fine dining, taking time each day to watch the sunset. I love fashion and art - and enjoy creative outlets such as painting and resin pouring.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, skinny dipping and stargazing, I'm a wild child, an explorer, a dreamer.

Las Vegas is home now and appeals to my affinity for opulence, my love of performance and the ideals of Rococo - Extravagance simply for the sake of it. Let me lead you down a rabbit hole of wonderful proportions. 

The need for love and intimacy is a fundamental human need, as primal as the need for food, water, and air.

Enjoying an intellectual, emotional, and physical connection with my client is the basis of my appointment philosophy. Each client is unique in their needs, and our time together is tailored specifically with their desires in mind.


Providing my guests a safe space to be genuine to their happiness is my goal. I encourage this by providing only my very best self for you.

I take special care to curate our experience. Every detail from my clothing, hair, makeup, to our date activities and the fun we share is chosen with care. 

Compassion For All

​The attention, compassion, and pleasures that are provided in my time are available to those who wish to expand their horizons, fulfill fantasies, and create lasting memories. 


I ask all clients approach me with courtesy and respect for my craft, time, and energy. 

Please read my policies throughly, as your commitment to my time is important. 

I accept clients regardless of; nationality or race, gender identity, experience level, age (21+), physical attributes and abilities. 

Couples, including same sex couples are welcome in my space.

I am able to accommodate clients with specialized needs, those with mobility issues, service animals, or cognitive disabilities.
 If you have special requests related to your comfort in our time together please do not hesitate to ask. I'm here for you.